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Here’s how we helped Athar Husain Khan with a brand new identity for his consulting company The Purest Advice.


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Athar Husain Khan has had a varied career in both the private and public aviation sector for over 20 years. He operates his consulting company ‘The Purest Advice’ next to his job as Secretary-General of the EBAA. As more and more advice is given, a visual identity is the right next step.


Athar’s consultancy & management bureau delivers solutions for problems that not only help his clients but the society in general. The Purest Advice has expertise in the fields of aviation, transport, politics and culture. On both a national and international level Athar helps connect different parties.


We asked what The Purest Advice stands for? What does Athar want to point out in his identity? From these talks we extract the brand values and visual clues. Brand values include amongst others: independent, corporate and thrustworthy — while visual clues come from ideas such as: connection between East and West and subtlety.


Based on this knowledge we started to research and sketch out how we could turn these ideas into a visual identity. We tried to explore different directions; starting out with literal ideas and slowly changing them to more abstract ones.

Capital A

Imagine a blurb of entangled lines. A consultant helps smooth this out into a straight line. This is how we approached it — lines form a clean P and A of Purest Advice.


One of the key visual clues was purity. Translated to typography we asked ourselves: what is the purest shape of a font? What is its core? Where is the thin line of readability? In the case of The Purest Advice we used the first three letters TPA to research these concepts.


Athar liked the idea of pure typography but we weren’t there yet. It needed more finetuning, not only in the shapes but also in the color, which could be more pronounced. After different color studies we came up with the combination green/blue and pink. Plus a subtle difference in opacity between the T, P and A.

I had not anticipated beforehand that so much goes into defining and developing a visual identity. MINSK guided me through the whole process professionally. Great outreach, they're very pleasant in communicating and transparent about the progress of the project. It's a great feeling to now be able to use my own company's identity.

Athar Husain Khan