The Full ESG
Integration Journey

Here’s how we helped international asset manager Robeco and Brand and Event Activation Company Bureau voor Reuring with the identity and detailed animation for their Explore Digital online talk show.


  • Event branding
  • Motion design
  • Visual identity




Robeco wanted to organize an online talk show about sustainable investing. They believe sustainable investing is not a simple overlay, but should be structurally embedded in all facets of portfolio building. Nowadays, the structural integration of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) information in decision-making is vital for investors. But how to make this complex story insightful and easy to understand?


ESG integration is complex matter. The project would be considered a success once the full journey was made visual and explained in a compelling way.


We had to first read up on the subject matter, investing is not usually our cup of tea. What is the core message and what should be visually clarified? We first thought up a visual language to help clarify the concept. This language had to connect with the existing Robeco identity. Next, we captured this in a narrative and a storyboard.


We chose to use a geometric, modular design system. This way we got to playfully reveal information, and by rotating and zooming in on elements, we gave the subject matter a technical, research driven character.
Since this event would be broadcast world wide, this bold style would also be good fit for people with lower bandwith connections, because details would not be lost.


We then expanded on the visual identity by applying it to an explainer video.


With our broad experience in TV production we can help our partners lift their productions to higher standards. Since COVID-19 this is a growing demand when streaming digital events.