Testing the Dutch
LGBTQ+ friendliness

Here’s how we helped BNNVARA with the design for the television show 'Since We're Here Anyway - Pride' ('Nu We Er Toch Zijn - Pride')


  • Art direction
  • Motion design



Every year in August the Canal Parade and the Pride Week take place in Amsterdam. Due to the corona virus this year’s Pride has been cancelled. BNNVARA still wanted to generate attention to the Pride and therefore test the LGBTQ+ friendliness of different Dutch municipalities.


Five different presenters (Jurre Geluk, Loiza Lamers, Shary-An Nivillac, Ellie Lust and Rob Jetten) each test a Dutch muncipality. The participating places are Enschede, Westerkwartier, Capelle aan den IJssel, Ede & Weert. How open minded are The Netherlands?


We didn’t want to use the standard rainbow colors, but a fresh palette which also hints at other colorful communities such as bisexual, transgender and asexual.

The extrusion of each letter in the logo has its own individual color. Together they create a rainbow-like pattern. We came up with the idea to use these colors as a trail the caravan leaves behind. When the caravan drives by, the surroundings are tinted and everything becomes more colorful.

A Striking

When this caravan drives around it is the talk of the town. The bright color palette makes sure the design stands out. Wipes, map animations, lower thirds – every design has the same rainbow-inspired colors and style.