• Khalid & Sophie

    The radical rebirth of a talk show

    Art direction, Motion design, Visual identity
  • The Dutch Innovation Awards

    Revolutionizing an Innovation Award show

    Event branding, Visual identity
  • Robeco: Explore Digital

    Bringing life to a sustainable financial experience

    Event branding, Motion design, Visual identity
  • The Purest Advice

    Transforming Consultancy & Management

    Print, Visual identity
  • Nu We Er Toch Zijn – Pride

    Generating awareness for Pride Week

    Art direction, Motion design
  • Jakop Ahlbom Company

    Using meaningful patterns in theatre

    Art direction, Visual identity
  • Planet Hugs

    Envisioning slow fashion as a brand

    Art direction, Print, Visual identity
  • How To Rob a Bank

    Redefining fun for a new audience

    Art direction, Boardgame design
  • Bureau voor Reuring

    Binging versatility to an Event Company

    Visual identity
  • Got tech?

    Attracting recruits for the Ministry of Defense

    Art direction, Motion design, Post-production
  • Meelunie

    Modernizing a 150-year-old brand

    Visual identity
  • The United States of Eva

    Bringing life to faded memories

    Motion design