Here’s how we helped Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS visualize the first edition of the Innovation Awards Show in The Netherlands.


  • Event branding
  • Visual identity




In 2017 AVROTROS established its ‘Dutch Innovation Awards.’ During the nationally televised event, the most innovative company of the Netherlands is honored and given the platform to present itself. But how does one visualize this event and how does all the information get presented to the Dutch public?

in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a frontrunner in innovation; every day, companies, institutes and scientists work on new technologies to make our lives better and easier.
For the Award Show we visualized which innovations are changing our world and what it means for our daily lives.


We started with “Connection” as the unifying theme for our design. After all; innovation means improving by connecting disparate ideas. This happens in our minds, in the field of data and in the world around us.

To give the event a timeless character, we opted for a more minimalist design style. We heavily relied on small geometric elements and typography and – to add complexity – we layered sequences of these graphic elements.

is key

In the beautiful Kurhaus in The Hague, all our identity building blocks came together: A collection of films, motion designs, infographics, bumpers, trailers, LED screen background loops, lower thirds, down to the award itself.


We created a live holographic effect by using a video wall in the background and a transparent ‘net’ in front of the host Art Rooijakkers, on which graphic elements were projected. This made it seem like the host was surrounded by graphical data. This is typically done in televised shows as a post production effect, but by using this method, people at the venue could also enjoy a virtual experience (without the clunky VR goggles.)


We started the show off with an intro movie, screened at the start of the show. Here we showed Art at home, with all the innovative, technical gadgets of our modern world.

an award

We were also asked to design the actual Award. Something we’re not asked to do on a daily basis 🙂 But we love a challenge and made sure we got a spectacular result! By using laser engraving and refraction techniques, the award’s appearance changes in different lighting conditions. A true innovative experience.