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Here's how we helped Eda Dumoulin-Akin with an identity for her slow fashion brand Planet Hugs.


  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Visual identity




Planet Hugs’ vision is for everyone on the planet to make wise choices. When people choose and purchase products that last longer and are produced fairly and eco friendly, we can make this planet a little better.

Eda needed an identity that incorporated this vision.


To Eda our collaboration would be ultimately successful when she would have a clear vision of her brand and a visual identity to support it. As a starting entrepreneur, she needed Planet Hugs to exude trust and confidence to her future customers.


We started with distilling Planet Hugs’ key values, a brand statement and defining its ideal customer. From there we looked at priorities and planned out a roadmap to success. Once this was in place we started a visual discovery of the look & feel for the corporate identity.


During the visual discovery we decided we wanted to incorporate a look & feel that would be able to adapt to the constant change of fashion and trends. This way any visual collateral would stand the test of time.

We opted for a logo with fluid shapes and several sub-logos. These shapes change according to categories such as fashion, decoration and body care.


Planet Hugs’ website was set up in Shopify. We made sure the corporate identity and colors, as defined in our style guide, helped pull everything together.

I needed clarity on my brand’s mission and a visual identity to support it. Individual attention and interest in my slow fashion platform Planet Hugs made me rate MINSK 5 out of 5 stars. They were very efficient and professional and I am getting great comments on my beautifully designed logo.

Eda Dumoulin-Akin