In the 21st century

Here's how we helped global supplier of plant based ingredients Meelunie with a fresh identity for their 150th anniversary.


  • Visual identity




Because of an ever-growing assortment of organic products, Meelunie’s visual identity no longer served their current standards and felt outdated. Their 150th anniversary, a big milestone, was a good reason for a new identity with a more modern, fresh look & feel.


With offices in, and export activities to over 100 countries, we needed to develop a modern visual style that brings together all Meelunie’s history, heritage and its trusted brands into one strong brand appearance.


Three key facets were important to the company: Heritage, Windmill and Multiplier. And so we set out to represent these in the word mark and brand mark.


Amsterdam is the home of and city that shares Meelunie’s transparent approach to business; no-nonsense, hard-working attitude; and forward-looking, innovative mindset.


A tribute to Windmill, a much-loved Meelunie brand. In markets across Asia and beyond, the Windmill logo is literally seen as a symbol of quality.


The 3 crosses symbolize how Meelunie multiplies value for its stakeholders. Resulting in business relationships that bridge generations…

The Process

When trying to bring three meanings (heritage, windmill and multiplier) into one identifier, we eventually tried to bring the X into play. The X has the shape of a windmill’s wicks, is the symbol for multiplying and three in a row form a crown.

Online / offline

We created assets for online and offline use, such as stationary, business cards, pens, all carefully described into a styleguide set up in English and Chinese.


A special heritage film was created for the launch event of the new design and now serves as the opening background on the redesigned website.