Take your tech
to the next level

Here’s how we helped Employer Branding Agency STEAM develop their campaign Got Tech? for the Ministry of Defense.


  • Art direction
  • Motion design
  • Post-production




To recruit Dutch VMBO & MBO graduate students for the Ministry of Defense, Steam created their campaign ‘Got Tech?’ They set out to show the age group of 16 to 24-year-olds why a technical job at the Department of Defense is so much more exciting than a normal tech job. We helped produce, direct and add motion design to 24 individual short videos.


The ultimate success would be when we would help build a bridge between the armed forces and the world as experienced by the target audience. For this case specifically that would be when they would apply for a tech job at the Ministry of Defense.


We decided to scout for an industrial looking location, with an interior sporting lots of geometric lines. This way we could incorporate the existing square footage elements at our disposal from the Defense Video Library, and place them integrated into the environment.

Using 3D models of arsenal used in the Army, Navy and Air-force we semi-interactively visualized anything to support each video’s message.


Targeting a specific age group Steam investigated and found Radio Talkshow Host and Influencer Igmar Felicia to present and promote each video.


Influencer Igmar Felicia presents every video from a space with floating digital screens. Many of the existing Defense videos have been created over a period of 20-30 years. Not all videos have the same quality or have different aspect ratios. By turning them into floating digital screens we were able to give them one unified look and ‘techy’ feel.

Social Shout out

The specialization videos were accompanied by a Teaser and Instagram ShoutOut video, to ignite the campaign on social media.


Creative Cyril Chermin | Presentation Igmar Felicia | Director Lucas Camps | Director of Photography Gijs Besseling | Gaffer Koos Westhoff | Sound Joost van Heerden | Camera-assistant Eline Eestermans | Editing Max Vonk | Production Manager Tessel Schole