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Hey there! You clicked on our email link. Was the mail intended for you? If it wasn’t: Let us know by email reply and delete its message, please.

Seriously: It is forbidden to copy, forward, or in any way reveal the contents of the message to anyone! If you’re someone reading your emails out loud… Stop it.

Remember that integrity and security can’t be guaranteed over the internet. And so the sender of the email will not be held liable for any damage caused by the message.

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Terms & Conditions:

No one likes reading T&C’s. Still, they apply to all our services & communication. For example, it states that an agreement via e-mail is binding. Or that when we create something, Studio MINSK retains the intellectual property.

While this is a standard in the world of design, it’s not always clear. As a customer, you are of course allowed to use the product we created for you, for all intended and reasonable applications. Want more than just usage rights? Please get in touch!

Here’s a link to our Terms & Conditions:

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🇳🇱 Dutch: Algemene Voorwaarden


Privacy Policy:

Ah, the GDPR. Such a lovely law that makes you accept more cookies than you can eat. Here too though, this law is for a reason. And we stick to it. Want to know how?

Here’s the link to our Privacy Policy:

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