• I see projects for print, online, television, mobile, events, theater and more on the website. Does MINSK provide all of these services?

    Definitely! We always look at the best way to bring your message across first, regardless of what technique or medium. A good marketing strategy may need a balanced mix of disciplines and techniques. Have a look at this case for PerfectPro, where we focused on a stronger online presence, created in-store POS materials and explainer videos to increase sales. In the case of Equigy, we focused on developing a dynamic content platform to engage the market and find collaborators.

  • Can I make my brand future proof?

    Of course! Your brand is constantly changing. It changes in the mind of your audience, because of market changes, product changes or changing client/customer needs. By making sure your brand assets are designed to appeal across all possible platforms and carriers, it is easy to adapt to, and focus on, those touch points most relevant to your audience. At MINSK we build brands that are flexible in appliance, but rock solid in recognition.

  • Should motion be a part of my brand?

    Absolutely! We feel that motion should always be at the heart and start of a brand’s design process. Because once you bring life to your brand’s visual identity, it will move your target audience on an emotional level. Emotion evokes action and action is that what moves them to interact with you or your brand. Your brand isn’t static, so why would your identity be?

  • Can motion play a part in print, online and live activation?

    Yes it can! We design with motion in mind. A modern brand is never constrained to just one medium. Even when your touch points do not allow for eye catching animation, the designs can still compliment the touch points that do, thus enforcing brand recognition and the values associated with it. Screens play an ever expanding role in branding and are perfect at facilitating moving images. Whether they are in your pocket, on your desk, in your living room, or on stage

  • Can I automate and personalize my content?

    For sure! For print material this is probably nothing new to you, but we can do it for motion projects as well. We can tailor videos to people’s names, pictures or any other data. And we can do this fully automated, at serious scale and serious speed.

  • I see you're based in Amsterdam, I bet parking is hell?

    As are the fines. You can probably find a spot, but we do video calls as well.

  • Why are you called MINSK?

    If we had a dime for every time we get asked this question… The boring (but true) reason is that we wanted to come up with a short name that anyone could pronounce properly. Resultated in MINSK!