Rene van Veenhuizen

Motion design

Hehoiii I am Rene (yes without the é)
I've always had a creative spirit and I knew that I wanted to do something in the creative sector, but the journey that led me to become a Motion designer is quite a story. As a creative individual, I find joy in capturing moments through film and photography, as well as crafting creations/solutions from scratch. Animation projects with mixed media perfectly align with my artistic style.
Animation, to me, represents the ultimate combination of various skills within a single profession. The blend of technical expertise, storytelling, visual design, and the opportunity to work on diverse subjects is what makes it such a thrilling career.
In addition to my Motion design career, I enjoy playing sports and travel the world.

  • Motion Design
  • After Effects Wizard
😎 What I’m proud of

The animation I did for “Juist Straks.” A nice initiative during the corona pandemic

  • 🎬 Favorite movie

    The prestige – Christopher Nolan

  • 📺 Favorite TV show

    Band of Brothers

  • 🎵 Favorite album

You know, whenever I was presented with a challenge that brought up feelings of fear or self-doubt, I almost always said, 'Yes'

- Saul Bass