Cristian van de Ven

Motion design

Cris is a multidisciplinary motion designer with a passion for things sci-fi and hi-tech. Versatile, meticulous and with an eagerness to create pleasing aesthetics, he’s worked on and participated in many projects serving various roles such as mocap cleanup, compositor, creative director, animator and more.

He gets inspired by cool robots, fashion, has an inexplicable love for opossums and is an all-round nerd.

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Mentoring
😎 What I’m proud of

The from scratch created music video of Woodie Smalls’ “Too Soft”.

Together with a creative director and traditional animator, I helped storyboard and design the visuals for this music video, along with creating the 3D and taking care of compositing of this project.

  • 📺 Favourite TV shows

    Star Trek: Voyager, Final Space, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Erased, New Girl, Love, Death & Robots

  • 🕹 Favourite games

    Metal Gear Solid Series, Age of Empires, Escape from Tarkov, Timesplitters, Death Stranding

Did you know that opossums are immune to snake venom and rabies?

- National Geographic