So you want to be an intern or trainee at MINSK?
That’s definitely possible!

We get a lot of applications from people who want to learn from the best and start their careers with us. And while we love to meet new people, we can’t meet everyone. As you can imagine, the competition is fierce.

What we are looking for

Depending on what exactly you want out of your internship we have only a few spots available, so:
Can you see yourself working on the broadcast design for TV shows? Or would you rather work on a visual identity for brands or events? Maybe you would prefer to make animations for clients like Heineken, The Dutch Police or The Ministry of Defense?

Maybe you’d like to do something completely different – because you’re following a marketing or business education?
We’re open to all these forms of internship.

What we are offering

  • We’re open to all these forms of internship.
  • Lots of varying jobs and clients.
  • The space to bring your own thoughts, ideas and initiatives.
  • Lunch! (There’s a lot of bread though, we’re Dutch after all)
  • Competitive pay (according to Dutch school standards.) (for people without an education we’ll have to work out something else)

What we expect from you

  • You’re creative. Duh!
  • You have no problem writing and speaking in English.
  • You’re a detailed worker.
  • Visual Designer Interns are competent in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (extra points for InVision)
  • Motion Design Interns are competent in After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator and Photoshop. (extra points for C4D)
  • Preferably you have an HBO level education. (and we don’t mean the TV station)
  • You’re used to, or at least resistant to extremely bad humor…

Do you meet these requirements?

Then hit the button below to get to our questionnaire. This form is your best chance of getting a response.

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Studio MiNSK