Techleap.nl Summit

Here’s how we helped Techleap.nl to empower more dutch leaders in tech and strengthen the Dutch startup ecosystem by designing and producing (motion)graphics for their IGNITE summit.


  • Art direction
  • Event branding
  • Motion design
  • Visual identity




Techleap sees a clear set of ambitions that they want the Netherlands to achieve as a country. And they believe tech plays a key role in it. This is why they brought together tech founders, investors, and other experts as part of IGNITE | 2022 Techleap.nl Summit to discuss how we can bring the Dutch tech ecosystem to new heights. They needed a brand theme for the summit and loads of content for the pre-event teaser campaign as well as films, infographics and all materials and content needed for the online broadcast.


Get as many “high rollers” in Dutch tech to attend the summit and partake in the discussion on how we can invest in people who think differently, bigger, faster. Also, they needed to convey the key takeaways & learnings from the extensive research they had commissioned on the subject.


MINSK wanted to spice up the research results by placing the presenter of the summit (Christina Caljé) in a virtual studio where she could interact and walk around the complex graphs and statistics. By wearing the same outfit on the summit as in the video’s, she could virtually step in and out of her physical and digital environment.


We designed and created hundreds of digital- and motion assets to make sure the entire summit and all communication around and about it would be recognisable and contribute to a high-end feel.

With this event, we aim to celebrate the great results that the Dutch tech ecosystem has achieved so far as well as address the gaps that are still present and need our collective attention and action.

Constantijn van Oranje

Envoy at Techleap.nl


With our broad experience in TV production we can help our partners lift their productions to higher standards. Since COVID-19 this is a growing demand when streaming digital events.