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Here's how we helped Tall Tales Company with a new professional identity that represents their core values.


  • Motion design
  • Print
  • Visual identity



Tall Tales'

Tall Tales Company tells tall stories about the impact humans have on the world, and on each other. Circus is their language. A language that evokes emotions, excitement and appeals to the imagination. A language everyone understands, but hardly anyone speaks.

Tall Tales needed a new look to represent their professionalism, quality and values. To bring multiple activities under one brand. The look & feel needed to appeal to the various public groups and the stakeholders they serve, both internationally, nationally and locally.


Tall Tales Company wants to increase visibility and recognition of Tall Tales as a representative of Dutch Circus. They also aspire to narrow the gap between audience and company and to build up their own audience both nationally and locally.


Tall Tales always lets stories inspire them. These determine the Circus techniques they’ll use. We wanted to adopt that philosophy for their visual identity: by matching the content to their stories. After a few strategy sessions we defined what Tall Tales stands for.

We also looked at their target groups and how the new identity would appeal to them. Which specific values ​​can we use to visualize the brand?


Movement is the core of Tall Tales Company: moving to move people. This works two ways since Tall Tales is constantly on the move itself: Not one production is the same.
Every time they take a new path, the destination is unknown. Still, their productions – just like the new identity – are always recognizable and unique.


The two letters L are a characteristic element in the Tall Tales word mark. They connect words and – by offsetting them in terms of position – they seem to move. We use them as a returning visual device throughout the identity.

Motion at the heart and start

As always at Studio MINSK we sketch with motion in mind from the beginning of the process. With this identity it was even more important to incorporate the role of motion. To help ease the process of content creation we designed templates the client can use themselves.


For each new performance we create a unique line and color that matches the story or theme. In some instances artwork is needed quickly and to accommodate them we create visual templates for print, as well as motion design templates for videos.

Digital Design

Let’s not forget about the digital component of the identity: a brand new website. Besides their company they also exploit a training location for circus artists. And so we incorporated the site of the company with the training location’s website.

We needed a new visual identity that reflects our core values and what we stand for in an appealing way.
The quality of the end result has led to a lot of happy people and compliments

Harm van der Laan

Artistic Leader