18 Holiday Parks
at the most
beautiful locations

Here's how we helped RCN Holiday Parks with a redesign of their visual identity - in collaboration with Brand Strategy & Activation company LikeWise.


  • Art direction
  • Motion design
  • Print
  • Visual identity




While RCN’s visual identity was in line with their cheerful & positive positioning of their holiday recreation parks, their style was in need of an update. Celebrating 70 years of success is the perfect time for relaunching their brand anew.


RCN’s core values and entire look & feel are very dear to their personnel as well as park visitors. We understood they needed more than ‘just a new logo’ to be applied everywhere. All forms of communication need to exude their spirit.


We analyzed the previous styles and looked at important RCN values. We wanted to move away from a child-like style to a more corporate and contemporary style. In any case, the brief was to represent elements of nature.


We decided to depict nature through organic abstract forms. We started experimenting: A leaf and wave came about from organic lines and various circles. By placing a smaller sun, white space binds everything together into one unique shape. The final symbiosis of nature elements radiates the positivity we want to convey.

Building Blocks

Different elements of the logo can be used separate from each other, to create diverse yet recognizable compositions. The organic shapes give RCN employees the power and freedom to create fresh and exciting applications themselves.


With 18 different Holiday Parks come a gazillion applications to be considered. Below, you’ll find a selection divided into three categories: Printed matter, Digital and Park signing. To top it off, we also created special edition versions for the 70th Anniversary.


A new identity in this case meant changing quite a few things. To name a few: New stationery, business cards, invoices, receipts and stickers, postcards, banners, passes, bags, advertisements and a brand new ZCard for all Parks.

Sub brands

RCN also has a number of sub brands with their own logo. For example, they organize church masses (the Holiday Church) in their parks and they have a special midweek for lonely elderly people. There is a loyalty program and an internal development program.


In terms of digital application, the website and app have switched to the new style. We also tackled social media channels and a newsletter and we have created an animated signature.

Park Signing

The parks themselves needed lots of changing as well. All way finding and park signing needed its own design.

We are very happy with MINSK because of the pleasant contact. They empathize with our company and our customers. MINSK is always willing to think along with us and to improve our product in a creative way.

Anne Geerse

Content Coordinator