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Here's how we helped Robin Vrijland (Managing Director of PerfectPro) with the rebranding of his job site radio brand PerfectPro.


  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Visual identity




Since 2004, PerfectPro makes it possible for professionals working in rough conditions to enjoy the best possible audio. Based on the latest technology, PerfectPro develops high quality dust, water and shock resistant audio tools.

With a strong market share in the Netherlands it was time for PerfectPro to put more emphasis on international sales and market opportunities. After a repositioning strategy was developed for PerfectPro by strategy partner ‘Tussen’, Robin agreed that the logo needed a touch-up but actually, this was the perfect time to give the slightly neglected brand an extensive upgrade across the entire identity and product range.


The rough strategy was broken down into four stages.

1. Logo upgrade
2. Extensive overhaul visual identity
3. Redesign and development of new website
4. Create deliverables.

Within these stages we were flexible and free to move priorities around. By working in this manner we could quickly shift focus to features that were needed on the spot. The company was in transition, so specific needs could arise at any moment.


The PerfectPro logo has been upgraded to match the more refined and clean look achieved across the brand. Keeping certain characteristics that would ensure recognisability. After that an extensive overhaul of the visual identity was realised and a basic design system was developed and implemented.

PerfectPro’s products are solid, reliable and perform under extreme physical conditions. This needed to be clearly reflected throughout the entire identity. The brand constitutes a clear and simple set of elements that, when used in conjunction with colours and fonts, will instantly identify any deliverable as typically PerfectPro.


PerfectPro’s most important tool – the website – was redesigned and completely rebuilt from the bottom up. Front end and Back end. Including custom e-commerce packages for third party sales.

Check out the website

Built by Brendly.


Hyper realistic product renders form an integral part of the PerfectPro brand. Besides showing off every detail of the product, they also contribute strongly to the high end impression the brand conveys.

Brand new

Of course all the giftboxes and battery packs needed to be developed with the new look and new specifications.


Segment and job site photography reflect the harsh conditions a PerfectPro radio is subjected to. Dust, water, sparks, mud, concrete and paint are welcome additions to any photo.


Brand integrity is a fragile thing, so it needs to be treated as such, so naturally we made a Brand Guide for PerfectPro; their manual on how to “use” the brand. These guidelines will be referenced by everyone who touches the brand, internally or externally.

For PerfectPro we needed a fully refreshed and repositioned brand. Studio MINSK seems to understand what you need and complements where needed. They’re very flexible in taking suggestions and building on those. 
If you value good quality, communication and a nice working relationship, I can totally recommend their service.

Robin Vrijland

Managing Director PerfectPro