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Here’s how we collaborated with Pascale de Wijs of Brand Strategy & Activation company LikeWise to help energy facilitator TenneT bring together international grid giants and launch a revolutionary new blockchain platform.


  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Visual identity




Energy demands are changing due to weather dependent energy fluctuations and innovations in consumer electronics such as electric cars, solar panels, heat pumps and other consumer based devices.

To transition to a new way of balancing energy sources, Tennet developed a secure platform that enables owners of small-scale assets to play a key role in transforming the energy sector by optimizing their interaction with the grid and reduce the use of fossil fuels dramatically.

International buy-in is a must. For this reason, Tennet needs to get other international players on board.


Tennet (The Netherlands & Germany), teams up with SwissGrid (Switzerland) and Terna (Italy), to found a revolutionary blockchain platform.

In collaboration with long term partner Likewise, we collectively decided to bring everything together under one name: Equigy.

The platform is to roll out in two phases. In phase one we target other Transmission System Operators (TSO’s) and have them join the collective effort. In phase two consumers become aware of the infinite possibilities.

The way to do this is by creating a brand identity, a platform website with extensive case studies and multiple videos to easily explain what crowd balancing will bring the future.


We asked Equigy how our collaboration can be ultimately successful. In their mind this is when we align all founding partners and launch the new platform as a solid brand to the world in under two months.

Brand identity

Building a brand requires defining what appeals to the mind of the target audience. Fluctuating energy supply, power grids and a vast field of different network providers became a major influence in bringing the visual identity to life.

Logo design

Equigy, the amalgamation of the words Equality and Energy, needs to stand out in robustness and simplicity as well as tell the story of balancing energy. Hence the moving needle that forms the swash of the letter Q.


The grid-like fluctuating bars and the subtle blue gradients with occasional red energy spikes, tell the platform’s story of balancing the different, related players that form the energy landscape.


To create a consistent look among all the different publications,we defined a set of building blocks consisting of colours, infographics and basic layouts.

Building blocks that can be used to create tools that varyfrom print to online.


Being the most important tool for connecting with new partners, we designed a light and open website that explains what Equigy is and does. It showcases the collaborations with all different sorts of partners and aggregators, giving TSOs the platform they need to connect with partners in their own country.

Check out the website. Built by Brendly.


To easily understand and share how Equigy works and how partners can join the platform we created animations that visualize the story, making use of the infographics we created earlier in the process.

a buzz

In the morning following the launch of Equigy, more than 80 websites, newspapers and news programs had covered Equigy worldwide.

MINSK understood the complex new concept quickly, even though they didn’t have any relevant sector experience, and took on the project with lots of creativity, flexibility and above all: fun. The quality of the work was great and exceeded our expectations.

Rene Kerkmeester

Digital Transformation Lead TENNET