restoration for
future generations

Here's how we helped Commonland with the implementation of their new brand story.


  • Motion design
  • Print
  • Visual identity




As initiator, catalyst and enabler of large-scale and long-term restoration initiatives, Commonland is on a mission to transform degraded landscapes into thriving ecosystems and communities.

With a new brand story, visual proposal and strategic plan created by Staat, Commonland needed a reliable agency that could turn a plan into a visual reality.

Ways of

We started with a kick-off to get to know Commonland’s new positioning. Next, we decided on all materials needed for visually relaunching their brand. This ranged from animation of infographics to (3D) maps to annual reports.

Breathing new life
into an established brand

Guidelines had been set, but theory is often different from practice. A lot of design decisions were still to be made. Each different marketing material brought its own challenges.

At MINSK, we pride ourselves on making complex content simple to understand and so our main task was to convey clarity, for example for concepts like “the 4 Returns” or “the 3 Zones.”

2D & 3D

To explain the 3 zones (Natural, Economic and Combined) we created a 3D map of an imaginary landscape that incorporated all 3 zones.

At the same time we made 2D maps of existing Commonland landscapes projects.


When bringing a brand to life, it’s best to have a partner on your side from the start. Someone to develop a long term relationship with.

We’re proud to say we have been a partner of Commonland’s for more than ten years now, and this was another beautiful collaboration.