Awareness Campaign

Here’s how we helped Channable with Awareness, Consideration and Conversion videos to help boost their online presence and gain more subscribers.


  • Art direction
  • Motion design




Channable needed to take their services global and gain the attention of e-commerce clientele worldwide.

Growing from a Dutch Start-up to a globally established brand meant calling in MINSK’s forces to deliver a campaign that engages and converts across borders.


Our collaboration would be successful when the campaign brings forth memorable videos for advertising across multiple platforms, in 6 languages.

These should raise awareness and associate the brand with easily connecting online products and services to platforms such as Amazon, Google, Meta and over 2.500 others.


MINSK focused on writing scripts first that captured the Channable spirit and tone of voice, with a particular focus on the human connection, one of their USPs. Making complicated matter seem simple was our number one priority.

We realized we had our work cut out for ourselves, by adapting the rebrand to video and animation, finding a Channable spokes person, creating a Channable Brand sound and realizing all this within a couple of months.


We left digital marketing to Channable’s own very capable people, and created 311 separate videos in four different formats for all their social media channels and in six different languages.

We looked for a good partner to execute our Brand Awareness campaign. Studio MINSK turned out to give professional guidance, has an open culture, connects and checks in on collaboration and process. In the end we created a kick ass campaign.

Jeffrey van Kleef

Project Manager Brand Marketing at


With our broad experience in TV production we help our partners lift their productions to higher standards. Since COVID-19, this is a growing demand when streaming digital events.