Animation & Pricing

No matter how you got to this page, you probably want to know what an animation will cost. We will try to give you a good understanding about your options.

Pricing is heavily dependent of the length of your video and the style involved. Since there are many possible styles for different purposes, we categorized techniques by effort & time they require – to give you a rough idea of what can fit your budget.

And because the duration of a video also influences price, each category will be labeled with an approximate price per 30 seconds. Is your video 45 seconds, then you can do the math accordingly.

Animated Infographics

This is the simplest form of animation and as such the most cost-effective option in our arsenal. Moving text may sound very basic, but it can have different styles. Below are some examples of kinetic typography for an explainer video, a save the date video and a launch video. Hover over the thumbnails with your mouse (or click when on a phone or tablet) to get an impression of the animation.

Average Cost: €2.000,— per 30 seconds.

PACT - Explainer animation

Equigy - Launch video

Power House - Explainer video

2D Photo Based Animation

Sometimes all you have for us to work with, are photo’s. Or the strong feeling the animation needs photo’s. We can use existing footage or stock photo’s to suit your needs. We’ll need to select the images you like, cut the subjects out of their backgrounds, retouch where needed and animate them into a coherent piece.

Average Cost: €2.500,— per 30 seconds.

Jakop Ahlbom Company - Teaser Trailer

Broodje Gezond - TV Broadcast Opener

From Russia With Love - Broadcast Package

2D Flat Illustrated videos

Most explainer videos we make are of this type. These videos are like animated infographics and while those come in many, many styles, it is by far the most common way of explaining a topic, product or service. Since illustration simplifies, it gets to the core of the message and amplifies understanding and retention.

Average Cost: €3.000,— per 30 seconds.

Commonland - Fundraiser video

Elion - Explainer video

FCB - Website video

Book Illustration Animations

We can breathe life into existing animations as well, be it environments or characters. This usually means cutting out drawings and bringing every detail into separate Photoshop layers before we animate them. The only thing to consider – price-wise – is if the characters need to speak or not, since this can add significant time to creating the animation.

Average Cost: €3.000,— per 30 seconds.

Woezel & Pip - Book animation

Woezel & Pip - Book animation

Woezel & Pip - Book animation


Compositing videos are a specific type of video, usually not ‘animated’ in the usual sense of the word, but it brings together several existing images, combined with 3D realistic renders, green screen footage or stock video footage. The result is a high quality, almost poetic, look and feel.

Average Cost: €5.000,— per 30 seconds.

Special Forces - Documentary Opener

Beaufort - Leader Sequence

Deel Je Leven - TV Show Opener

Stop Motion

A style that stands out from the rest is Stop Motion. This technique gives a feeling of authenticity. It can be used when you want to achieve certain effects that in real-time would have to look super realistic (and expensive), but where in stop motion we can get away with small discrepancies.

Average Cost: between €5.000,- and €10.000,— per 30 seconds.
(This depends on whether we give something a stop-motion-feel or if it is real stop motion.)

Sunshine & Sausages | Stop motion

Valerio 4-Ever

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Green Screen videos

Green screen is the technique whereby objects or people stand in front of a green screen and that screen is then replaced with anything we want.

This way we can place these objects or people in environments that consist of either 2D abstract designs or fantasy 3D environments. Interaction between background (designed environment) and foreground (isolated objects or people) is extremely important to create the right feeling.

Average Cost: €5.000,— per 30 seconds.
(This excludes the actual green screen shoot)

Hier zijn de Van Rossems

Fred van Leer: Alles uit de Kast

Over mijn Lijk

3D Realistic animation

What better way than to make things ultimately realistic by using 3D. Mostly used for product videos or TV commercials. Lots of times this is more cost-effective than shooting the real thing in a studio. It also creates opportunity for a more poetic interpretation.

Average Cost: €20.000,— per 30 seconds.

Zeeman - Sneaker Announcement Teaser

Nivea - TV Commercial

USM - Loopable Poetic video - Milano Design Fair

Animation Examples & Pricing

These prices should give you a rough idea of what to expect. For a perfectly tailored quote, please get in touch with us via phone:
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