Allow us to introduce:


Project Manager

Tessa manages the daily hustle and bustle within Studio MINSK.

She has a background in television production, studied Communication Science specialised in marketing and finally, she completed her studies with a semester of Creative Arts in Melbourne. The gained knowledge is reflected in the creative approach to various projects.

In other words a combination of all this manifests itself in managing the projects within MINSK in the best possible way.

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Loves to

Work with Mosaic

Going to the Theatre


Feeling Alive

When swimming in cold water

Favourite Screenings

Captain Fantastic

Call me by your name

Please Like Me

Allergic to


When f*cking up the laundry


Proud of

My mosaic business (@mozaiekmiep)

Fun facts

People call me Turbo Tess

Loves everything in pastel colors

Inspirational quote

‘Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved’