Allow us to introduce:


Motion designer

As the motion design employee of the month, Take is known for his no-nonsense approach and his keyframe-purism.

Take is with Studio Minsk for over five years now.

LinkedIn Take

Favorite music

Akke en Take - De Onzekerheid

Favorite series

Lazor Wulf, The Wire, Rick and Morty and Final Space

Proud of

Broadcast package including Credit Sequence for “Van Vader naar Moeder”

My design style

Hiphop-like sampling in collages. Graffiti-brush strokes and American sports logo’s. Basically everything that Tjako hates.

Favorite meme

Wish you had made

Favorite book

The Wake – Scott Snyder & Sean Gordon Murphy

Joe the Barbarian – Grant Morrison & Sean Gordon Murphy

Allergic to

Lingering, some cats, bullshit and small talk.

Random likes

Playing ice-hockey on a warm day in July