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Partner | Growth director

Bas has a background in film directing and over the past 22 years has had a successful career in online advertising before he joined Studio MINSK.

He’s won numerous awards for campaigns and worked for clients like Carlsberg, Tuborg and Heineken.

As a result, he is always very thirsty…

LinkedIn Bas

Proud of

Pub Trivia Monsters

Random likes

Beach vacations,
Doja Cat,

Not necessarily in that order.

Wish I had made

This Axe commercial. The concept, the special effects… Love it!

To me this is the epitomy of what a good film or story should have: Love, Humor, Absurdity and Exageration

Allergic to

Negative people.

Proud of

This viral I directed for Garanti Bank.

Agency: Rabarba
Creatives: Musa Paça & Serdar Saban
D.O.P: Gökhan Tiryaki

My design style

Anything with drop shadows, bevels, lens flares and explosions.

Favorite book

Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy


Studied Film Directing at Columbia University.

Fun fact:
Was there at the steps when they shot Sam Raimi’s Spiderman. In particular Willem Dafoe’s shot that is now the ‘You know, I am something of a ___ myself’-meme.

My 15 seconds of fame end there.

Marcus Aurelius

Favorite Sayings

A Man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.
– Marcus Aurelius