We’re visual designers and strategic thinkers.

We’ll make your brand communicate stronger and perform better. Whether that’s through print, online, TV or live.

Good design mattersk.

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What we do

We know how hard it is to position your brand well, to speak to your ideal client and to offer him or her your products or services.

You need to differentiate from the competition, attract the right clients and bring your sales to a higher level.

This requires a strong brand presence. We can help you translate your brand values into a visual identity and collateral through good and honest collaboration.

Why MiNSK?

A lot of design studios can make things look pretty. They’ll create a logo, put it on special paper and it’s going to look great. But the question then is, will this all amount to something? Will this help to move the needle?

The chance of that happening is very small. That’s why we do things a little different. What we do directly impacts your business.

We help you communicate with your customer in the most natural way, so that you have the best chance of repeat business from that customer.

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Our Process

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